First Blogpost on New Global Economy Blog: Globalization is not passé. It is changing its character

Peter Coy, an econ columnist of the New York Times has talked to several leading economists on the state of globalization and concludes “Globalization isn’t over. It’s changing”. In a similar vein, and against the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Steven Altman and Caroline Bastion in their report on “The state of globalization in 2022” for the Harvard Business Review posit “the war will likely reduce many types of international business activity and cause some shifts in their geography, but it will not lead to a collapse of international flows.”

The changing character of globalization, is the major thread running through my book “Understanding the New Global Economy. A European Perspective”. In this entry, I summarize my take on a premature diagnosed end of globalization (see also the “Introduction”of my book, available as an open access preview on the book’s website), link to new analyses and comment on the changing New Global Economy, and make a short reference to US Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen’s “friend-shoring” idea. Read full entry here…

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