Workshop “Financial Globalization and Its Spillovers”, 16-17 February 2017 in Cologne and Maastricht

On 16-17 February a top-level Jean Monnet workshop on “Financial globalization and its spillovers -monetary and exchange rate policy in times of crises” took place at TH Köln, organized by Harald Sander, Ansgar Belke, Joscha Beckmann and Stefanie Kleimeier. The workshop has been co-financed by the European Unions’ Jean Monnet Program. A major objective was to stimulate the dialogue between international scholars and practitioners. The Journal of Banking and Finance will publish a special issue on the workshop. More details can be obtained from the workshop website.

As part of this workshop a special public event “25 Years after Maastricht: The Future of Money and Finance in Europe took place at Maastricht University in the afternoon of February 16. The event featured a keynote speech by Benoît Cœuré,  Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, and by Professor Barry Eichengreen, University of California at Berkeley.  In the the subsequent panel discussion the keynote speakers discussed with Daniel Gros (CEPS), Hans-Helmut Kotz (Frankfurt and Harvard)  and Robert McCauley (BIS) and the audience in lively  debate moderated by Ansgar Belke and Harald Sander. Reuters listed the event as a top economic event.

Links to the videos from the keynote speeches and the panel discussion:
25 Years after Maastricht: Keynote speech Benoît Coeuré
25 Years after Maastricht: Keynote speech Barry Eichengreen Part 1
25 Years after Maastricht: Keynote speech Barry Eichengreen Part 2
25 Years after Maastricht: The Future of Money and Finance in Europe – Panel Discussion

Impressions from the workshop:

Copyright:Heike Fischer /TH Köln

 Copyright: Heike Fischer /TH Köln

 Copyright:Heike Fischer /TH Köln