Comparative Economic Studies dedicates a special issue to global banking symposium

Comparative Economic Studies dedicates a special issue to the Maastricht symposium “Global Banking, Financial Stability, and Post-Crisis Policy Challenges” in the June 2014 issue. In this special issue the panelists reflect on the symposium discussions and share their views on the lessons learned from the financial crisis of 2008 with the broader audience in the profession as well as with policy makers and an interested civil society. Many thanks are due to the contributors and the journal editors, in particular Paul Wachtel. The following papers are included in the special issues :

Harald Sander and Stefanie Kleimeier, Introduction: Global Banking, Financial Stability, and Post-Crisis Policy Challenges Symposium, Comparative Economic Studies 56 (2014): 253-256.

Robert McCauley, De-internationalizing Global Banking? Comparative Economic Studies 56 (2014): 257-270.

Ralph De Haas, The Dark and the Bright Side of Global Banking: A (Somewhat) Cautionary Tale from Emerging Europe, Comparative Economic Studies 56 (2014): 271-282. 

Freddy Van Den Spiegel, Can We Make Global Banks Safer? A Practitioner’s View, Comparative Economic Studies 56 (2014): 283-294.

Brian M Lucey, Charles Larkin and Constantin Gurdgiev, Learning from the Irish Experience – A Clinical Case Study in Banking Failure, Comparative Economic Studies 56 (2014): 295-312

Ansgar Belke and Florian Verheyen, The Low-Interest-Rate Environment, Global Liquidity Spillovers and Challenges for Monetary Policy Ahead, Comparative Economic Studies 56 (2014): 313-334.


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